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Sunday, September 24, 2006

I'm Back Again!

Well not long after I posted the last post, my computer crashed..grrr!
So we took my harddrive to the computer hospital ..hehe, and told them to fix it so it is all better. It took them a day to get my computer fixed. So once again I'm a happy camper. But now I am starting all over again with emails and pictures,(which I didn't back up)..so I'm sad about that. Now I'm going to start backing up my pictures.
We went to Whittier yesterday. Ken missed one silver. My brother Toby caught couple silvers,it was good to see Toby and Shirley. It was cloudy and calm. So I took some pictures of Whittier and will be posting them later after I get my camera all set up to use again.
You all have a good day!


  • At 11:37, Blogger Connie Marie said…

    Aw that's too bad when you lose pictures. I hate that.

    Glad your computer is running good. What was the problem? Did they say? Did they change your fan?

  • At 21:46, Blogger mrsjojo said…

    Naughty computer. I was wondering what had happened to you. I sent you an e-mail and will have to resend it. I haven't been around lately-just too busy. My computer has been just plain SLOW and that is irritating!

  • At 12:44, Blogger Connie Marie said…

    What's up with you? I thought you were going to share pictures of your ride to Valdez?

    Have you decided to quit blogging? :-|

  • At 03:44, Blogger Constance said…

    Happy 16th Birthday Courtney!

  • At 12:19, Blogger akeskileut said…

    ty, I'll tell her when she comes home.

  • At 01:33, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Have you decided to quit blogging? :-|

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