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Saturday, November 04, 2006

His Beauty!

I took these beautiful pictures of frosted trees,I knew they wouldn't last much longer cause the weatherperson was saying we are going to be getting windy and it is windy and cold now..brr! The moon is out and looking so pretty up in the night sky.
The Lord sure gives us such beauty to enjoy.


  • At 22:41, Blogger Kerri said…

    Absolutely GORGEOUS!

  • At 00:37, Blogger Connie Marie said…

    My word! I check and check and check for a new post and when I saw that kerri had posted I figured that you had too, ha! (You two seem to post pretty much at the same times). So here I come and oh my goodness!!!! You sure did post!

    Great pictures.

    Taty is sure a cutie and all the halloween pictures look like fun.

  • At 04:27, Blogger akeskileut said…


    connie marie,lol,ty,I've been lazy to post,but I kept reading your post and said I better get busy here. I've enjoyed reading your post and pictures.

  • At 17:25, Blogger Constance said…

    Those are gorgeous pictures! I had to light the pilot light in the furnace last week but the last 2 days I've wanted to run the A/C since we've been in the upper 80's. It hardly seems like it's November! I haven't gotten to have a fire in the fireplace yet!

  • At 18:12, Blogger akeskileut said…

    constance,hi..glad you enjoyed the pictures. This week we went down to -1 in our area,got colder in other areas. I'm going to visit my kids next week in Ore,I'm excited.

  • At 01:26, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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