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Monday, November 13, 2006

Oregon here we come.

Tomorrow nite we will be traveling to visit Doris and her family in Oregon. Deb and her family will travel to Oregon on the 17 from Maryland. On the 18th Mari will join us. We are so excited things worked out for us to visit family for the Thanksgiving holiday. We haven't seen our daughter from Maryland in 5 years,to long. Here are some pictures of our grandchildren we will be visiting with...can't wait!

Jorgenson Kids

Perrigo Kids


  • At 12:19, Blogger Connie Marie said…

    OHHHH! ...and all your girls together too! How exciting.

    Will be looking forward to your updates on the trip!

  • At 03:03, Blogger Constance said…

    How fun to be together like that for the holiday! Safe travels and make wonderful memories with your grandbabies!
    Happy Turkey Day!

  • At 15:08, Blogger Connie Marie said…

    Update, pictures, update, pictures, update, pictures.... :-)

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