burgundy rose

Monday, January 16, 2006

A table

Well we finally got a used "new" table for us. We've been without a table for almost a year. I missed having a table to sit at when we ate. Now we have a smokey round table for 4. So nice.!!
Today our granddaughter turned 3 months. Time is going fast. She is doing well and keeping her parents busy. But they still get their ice fishing in.:-)
Our sil came up for a quick visit,from Maryland. He came home to see his dad who had a birthday it was a surprise for his dad. So he enjoyed being with his family. We had a dinner with him the day he was going to leave. It was so good to see him. It would have been better if the rest of the family made it up. One day they will make it up for a visit.
Okay I'm done for now..just a short post. You all have a good week..:-)