burgundy rose

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Busy, sick and lazy...hehe!

I was gone for a week, that is why I didn't post lately. Enjoyed the meetings in the morning and evening. The meetings were about healing and and in the evening was blessings with songs and testimonies. The Native Musicale is put on every year by Anchorage Native New Life. The meetings last for a week. It is good to be back home in the comforts of my home.
Then I got sick the last 2 days of the Musicale. So I missed the meetings and the Freedom Bands night to sing. But they were in our thoughts and prayers. I am finally feeling better. I thank the Lord! Some of our families aren't feeling good either. Some got the stomach flu and strep. So keep them in your prayers,thanks! But slowly recovering.
Then I was just plain lazy to post on my blog. So I thought I would just post a quick note let you know what is going on.
Hope this finds you all well!