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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Brown Bear

Last Saturday we went to Seward to do some fishing. Going to Seward is a three hour drive from where we live. But I like long drives. I enjoy God's beautiful creation on the way down.
Well just outside of Seward we passed a Seward Police and he had his light on,not the blue and red but just the white one on top going. We wondered why and then around the bend we saw some cars stop. We thought it might be an accident,dang..not we will be delayed getting into Seward. But as we got closer we saw people walking and looking off to the right side of the highway. What they were looking at was couple of brown bears down by the river. So I let my daughter run and take a picture cause the bears were heading further in and into the bushes. She came back to the van with couple of pictures. So here is a picture of the brown bears!

Can you see the brown bears? Well if you look hard you can see a patch of brown in the bushes,yes the brown patch..that's the bears going in..we missed the show..hehehe!
After all that,we continued on our journey to Seward.
Our oldest son Ken did some fishing while we watched.
He got 1 king and 2 reds. We were so excited.

So the next day I fried up some of the king for supper..so yummy!! I cooked the rest for supper yesterday when my hubby came home from work.