burgundy rose

Saturday, November 04, 2006

His Beauty!

I took these beautiful pictures of frosted trees,I knew they wouldn't last much longer cause the weatherperson was saying we are going to be getting windy and it is windy and cold now..brr! The moon is out and looking so pretty up in the night sky.
The Lord sure gives us such beauty to enjoy.


We went to my daughter's house for a Halloween party with the grandchildren. They got their faces painted and had a donut on a string contest,Aaron won that one...hehe! Kids even decorated some cupcakes. When the youngest grandchild was putting icing on his,with the help of dad,his eyes lit up when he saw the pile of icing,he look like he could just eat that and forget the cake..hehe! Everyone had a good time. We had a few trick or treaters come by.

Happy Birthday

Here are some pictures of Tatyana's Birthday. She turned 1. She had a good time with family. She really laughed hard when the kids and her were playing with the balloons.
By the time she got to her cake she was just to tired to enjoy it. She didn't want to touch the cake...hehe!