burgundy rose

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Thanksgiving with Family

Chasing a seagull

So cool,look at the surf

Our family

So enjoyed the beach

Nice sunset at the beach with family

More pictures of our trip

Courtney at the beach

Mom and the gals

Mom and Courtney

Mom and Doris

Nice picture taken by Mari

These are some pictures of our trip to Oregon to visit family for Thanksgiving. We all had a good time being together.Woohoo!!!


Yesterday my hubby was in a car accident. He was on the way to work. He hit some black ice and lost control. He didn't break any bones,he just has some sore muscles. He got checked out by his doctor and said he was good. His doctor called to see how he was doing,he is doing good. I am so thankful the Lord kept him safe.